What Can We Expect?

Global wearables is a massive market that has really blown up within the past year. While they’re shiny and cool gadgets that look good on screen, it seems there is little proven proof of what exactly they’re capable of.

There hasn’t been much example or demonstration of how we are suppose to properly use these devices. I know you can sync them to your smart phone, but other than regular operations you can use your phone for, I’m not too sure how much more beneficial they are.

Now, before you go doing your landscaping with this on, you may want to rethink wearing this valuable piece of technology. The cost of repairing these devices such as Galaxy Gear can be expensive. The Galaxy Gear’s wristbands are actually irreplaceable as well. Since everything is all one piece, the Galaxy Gear wristband is not able to be replaced if broken. This is a huge downside of a product that is very costly.

People also must take into consideration the advances in technology and the possibility of the products becoming obsolete within the next few years. You are going to want to make sure you invest in tried and true products that have received great reviews and have been a staple in their own industry.

There are many cool possibilities within the near future in the way of technology advances, especially with foreign inventions. I think we underestimate what is possible when it comes to telecommunications and we’ve only just scratched the surface on what these great minds in this industry can create.