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I want to thank everyone for stopping by to check out my blog and read some interesting content and opinions that I have. This is a place for myself to just expand on my thoughts about telecommunications and how interesting the topic really is. I know for some, it may not be a very intriguing subject, however, I truly believe it to be a great topic for discussion.

Basically, telecommunications is transmitting information short or long distances via either voice, data, or video. This includes texting or face-timing with a close friend or relative that could be half way across the world!

Some communication networks include:

  1. Broadcast networks
  2. Telephone networks
  3. Cellular networks
  4. Radio networks
  5. Police and fire communication systems

Data is continuously carried through circuits via wave signals. We are seeing growth in this industry due to constant change in things such as mobile payments, video streaming and so on.

The goal for these companies developing and expanding on these ideas seems to be figuring out how to make it easier for customers to navigate throughout their smartphones. People can simply pay for transportation, deposit cheques, and even order Starbucks through their phones.

After looking through many articles and ideas on what companies need to implement in order to become successful, there are a few concrete values that hold true. These providers of the services must make sure that they’re offering high quality, reliable, and affordable services to the public. People love the idea of innovation and progression, however, they want it to also be financially attainable.

Recently, smart watches and fitness bands have taken the tech world by storm. Numerous people wear these gadgets on a daily basis that collects data for them. These are a few markets to watch for growth because they’re still so new and have yet to really evolve in maturity.

Personally, I like the fitness bands because they’re extremely easy to navigate through, but also are great for collecting accurate data. It also doesn’t hurt that they aren’t completely ugly to wear.

On a side note, it’s a little bit harder and more pricey fixing these types of products. Nothing screams simplicity like painting your room.